Godfrey Bio


Godfrey is a highly creative, conceptual, versatile, detail oriented visual artist, an educator and a writer with extensive knowledge in painting, sculpture, drawing and most aspects of art. He signs his works as Godfrey.k.

Son of Cyubahiro said and Margret Bunjo his parents migrated to Uganda due to the political turmoil that was in Rwanda in the 1960s. Born and raised in Uganda Godfrey sailed through the Ugandan education system. He creates abstract, realistic and surrealistic works. In 2D his main medium choice is canvas and favourite application is acrylic. He imposes order on disorder guided by proverbs wise sayings and dreams he uses warm and cool colours wonderfully together to harness vim, vigour and vitality. He has participated in several exhibitions both in Rwanda and abroad, as a son of a migrant Godfreys art is influenced by the life patterns he has lived through that he raps up with celebrations in his art as he embraces his culture through dance themes, he tells big stories far fetched and  he is a big advocate for environmental conservation evidently seen in all the sculptures he creates through recycling. Having founded inshuti arts and culture center combined with the Ap studio art classes he has taught, Godfrey has presented in conferences and has led creative workshops in Rwanda and abroad.

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