Isabelle bio


Whatever you enjoy most you will do the most; no doubt Isabelle despite studying finance at university her creative mind has set her free and propelled her into destiny channeling her to do

what she loves most, Art of course. A very young beautiful, hardworking and courageous lady once you chart with her you will not wish to end the conversation and by the time you end the conversation you will have learnt a lot from her, Isabelle likes to interact, ever smiling and determined which makes her a valuable member of the inshuti arts team when it comes to hospitality. Inshuti arts centers’ growth is due to her systemic organisational driving force, Isabelle does decorative art as well as painting in her leisure time. A Core strength of her personal gift lies in her ability to try almost everything possible that adds to her growth and work ethics, when asked why she loves art Isabelle says “no matter what art remains a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas, throughout history art has survived the tidal wave of information and remains an unpredictable source of imagination, it has the possibilities of changing ones thoughts, opening new ideas and borrowing through received ideas so common to our educational systems.