The inshuti troupe

If it inspires us to be more relaxed in mind and creative; we are highly positive that Inshuti troupe as a great complement to our center projects will leave you not wanting to leave the center, it concentrates on dances from Rwanda, East Africa, Africa and from around the world, trained by experienced talented personnel, the fusion of artistic ideas into the performances creates unique tastes to your eyes and makes our guests not want to leave when they watch the troupe perform plays, drama music and dance.The whole week at our center is packed with fun activities and cultural nights where stories are told,games are played, performances are done, lips are entertained when we share the fun, the body and the mind are connected when we meditate and relax you with a unique art massage, warm your body with a fire camp and brighten your sight with a sparkling drink that tastes like no sweet thing you have ever tasted.