Mutoni Vanessa bio

Mutoni Vanessa

Mutoni Vanessa is the second born in a family of four particularly interested in cultural expression. From childhood she has mimicked Kinyarwanda dances and loved art. The birth of the inshuti art center in her home town could not keep her silenced but rather attracted her to join one of its programmes the ishuti arts troupe where with her inviting humble smile she immediately after joining became the face and leader one of the troupe. A quick learner indeed Vanessa took on the challenge to train other members contemporary moves fused with traditional ones that once you watched her perform she definitely had to make you carry an experience with you back home. Mutoni is now a team member at inshuti arts in the hospitality department where she brings with her great knowledge that she learns from Muhabura integrated polytechnic where she is a student of Hotel management.