Kanyange Louise

Kanyange Louise

Kanyange Louise is a Rwandan female artist( painter) born in 1999, being autodidact and passionate about drawing at a tender age Louise decided to supplement her skills with studies at Rwanda’s prestigious art school Ecole d’art Nyundo where she emerged the best student country wide. She majors in graphic design and painting.

Her work is generally characterised by a childlike innocence that makes it extraordinarily appealing to all. Being one of the foremost female painters in Rwanda, Louise maintains that women are the unsung heroines of our time. The images she depicts tell of ordinary women working courageously. The trials, ambitions, celebrations and successes of ordinary women form the central theme of her rich and florid canvasses.

She also portrays themes such as dancers, musicians, landscapes and abstracts, Louise has participated in exhibitions in Rwanda as well as abroad she has presented in workshops and attended different conferences. Louise’s works portray a high standard of colour application on canvas to convey intriguing depths between the strokes of accidental lines that connect different edges of the canvas.

Her works express the richness of human enterprise guided by the mutual stimulating interaction between man and his environment. Her colour spectrum is fascinating as she frequently utilises tactile qualities of short strokes of colour. She also regularly explores the use of design elements as stylistic tools in creating the illusion of images infusing and juxtaposing these with textures of colours.

Louise does not imitate photographs or mimic mere likeness, but enjoys allowing viewers to identify his subjects based on his unique artistry with mastery of colours. She signs her work as kanyange.

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